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Why do Bathing Suit Cover-ups Cost So Much?


When you get to a certain grown woman age, it helps to have something to cover-up in at the pool or beach. That being said, I'm convinced that the bathing suit cover-up is the biggest scam in retail. The average cover-up runs anywhere from $60 to $100. Really?! For something that's not even real clothes. Are they counting on our grown woman body insecurities to hand over that kind of cash for a tiny piece of material we'll wear one season? Think again, Madison Avenue. I found a perfect solution to this problem -- search for alternatives, people, and get creative. This super-cute long kimono at TJ Maxx was calling my name for only 16 bucks. Wear it to the pool, wear it over a tank and jeans, wear it as a robe over a nightie. The possibilities are endless.

photo by the cursing ballerina

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