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6 Super-Easy Sustainability Tips

Earth Day outfit

Does anyone else get overwhelmed just thinking about sustainability? I know I do. It's easy to get frustrated and think you're never doing enough, but I think just making small, everyday changes can help.

Over the years, I've implemented changes to make my own little world more green. Am I perfect? No. But as sustainability becomes more of the norm, I believe all this will get a lot easier.

My top tips are:

  • Put an electronics recycling bin in your house, apartment or garage. When it's full take it to the e-waste recycling center.

  • Donate or give your clothes to textile recycling programs. (Bonus? They take bras and undies!)

  • Resell your clothes on an app like Poshmark. (Shameless plug: Shop my pre-loved items in my Cursing Ballerina Poshmark closet! Link here.)

  • Buy vintage. I've been doing this for 30 years and still love it!

  • We all have a gazillion tote bags. Keep them in your car trunk and use them for shopping.

  • If you live in a drought-prone climate, put native plants in your garden that use less water. Many bloom and are gorgeous!

What are your top sustainability tips? Leave a comment so we can all learn from each other!

Sustainability Tips

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