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My Favorite Look of 2018. And It's Under $100

Photo by: Sarah Lim, IG @herparallax

A lot of outfits were worn in 2018, but this look was by far my favorite. Of course I loved it because it's full-on ballerina style. But there's more to it than that. I wore it to a Poshmark party in October and felt completely comfortable. It fit me like a glove. Basically, I felt like myself, but enhanced -- Cursing Ballerina 2.0

I bought the dress off Poshmark for $8. (Yep, 8 bucks to feel like a million bucks.) The strappy platform sandals were in my closet and cost around $25. The jewelry is from Kollectin and all together costs about $60.

So here are the lessons I learned from this outfit that I thought would be good to finish out the year with:

  • Labels aren't everything. Affordable style can look and feel great. It's all about fit. (For some super fun affordable pieces, check out my Cursing Ballerina Poshmark closet.)

  • Some simple bling elevates every outfit. (For some affordable and chic bling, check out my Cursing Ballerina Tiny Boutique on the Kollectin app. It's by invite only. Sign up using my code: CURSINGBALLERINA to shop!)

  • Go for inspiration, not literal interpretation.

  • Wear what you love.

  • Be authentic.

Wishing you all of safe, healthy, happy and stylish 2019! Happy New Year!!!

Photo by: Tammy Vega, IG @tammyvega_

Photo by: Sarah Lim, IG @herparallax

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