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Having A Groovy Fashion Moment

Feeling groovy in Palm Springs
Just hangin' with Nancy.

Question: Have you ever purchased a piece of clothing without any idea where or when you're going to wear it?

You love it so much, you're convinced the occasion will magically surface. (Not to beat this phrase to death, but...) It sparks MAJOR JOY when you even touch it.

Much to the disapproval of minimalists and the "if-you-haven't-worn-it-in-a year-get-rid-of-it" crowd, I have been doing this for years. Not in major quantities, but when I see something special that provokes a serious gut reaction, especially if it's vintage or OOAK, I most always grab it, waiting for that Cinderella moment.

And ..... that moment almost always happens. There's the dreamy ruffled anniversary dress that waited one year to debut. The ballerina party dress bought for $8 (see previous post). The rainbow embroidery jeans (haven't had a moment yet). And last, but not least, the jumpsuit in this post.

I found this mod, hand-sewn jumpsuit at an amazing vintage store in Las Vegas and, if I buy the story from the shop's owner, it belonged to a fabulous showgirl in the 1960s. Let's face it, she had me at "fabulous showgirl in the 1960s."

It sat in my closet for awhile, but every time I looked at the jumpsuit (yes, I'm saying it again) it sparked MAJOR JOY. Well, the Cinderella moment finally arrived to bust out this item when the hubs and I planned an anniversary trip to Palm Springs complete with a stay in the most gorgeous Mid-Century Modern house. I wore it to take pics and do a little shopping in town.

No glass slippers involved. Just feeling groovy in a great fashion find and spreading joy. On to the next Cinderella moment.

All photos by @gregzfotos

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