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5 Essentials for a Las Vegas Pool Getaway

Let's get one thing straight -- I'm not a big gambler. Oh I've been known to throw a few coins in the penny slots, but mostly for me Las Vegas is about the pool and a good Mai Tai. Hubby and I went on a short getaway to Vegas and here are my top 5 poolside essentials I packed.

  • Sunscreen. Those desert rays will kill ya. Something with a shimmery bronzer is nice. Hides the cellulite.

  • A floppy hat. This one was $14 from Forever 21. (No longer available.)

  • A cute cover-up. Don't spend a fortune. (See previous post. This black and white one is from H&M last year.)

  • Bright lipgloss. ("Mally Melon" from Mally

  • Trashy magazines. No, not porn, just entertainment urinalism.

photo by the cursing ballerina

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