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The Obi Belt Can Solve All your Fashion Problems

I'm a firm believer in cinching in at the waist. It doesn't matter what shape or size you are, a good belt can do wonders. It creates a waist, pulls everything together and completes your outfit. The obi belt is my personal favorite. It's wide and chic and is great for hiding those unsightly elastic waists common on so many dresses and rompers.

The black leather obi belt pictured here is from Arden B, ages ago. I swear I think I bought it over 10 years ago and have used is constantly since then. Similar belts can be found online.

How I Styled It:

Far left

High-low Dress: Target

Platform Sandals: Forever 21


Leotard: Capezio

Far Right

Platform Sandals: Forever 21

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