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Fall Trends, Trends Everywhere

It used to be that you could sum up the fall trends in a few key pieces, but oh, how those times have changed. Every year the list of fall trends seem to grow larger than Donald Trump's ego. While scouring online, in mags and Instagram for research, I came up with a gigantic list of trends for this year. The good news is, you probably have at least one item in your closet that matches one of the fall 2015 trends. You will easily find something in stores and online to bring your wardrobe up to date. Check out my Poshmark closet, The Cursing Ballerina,, for a few of these key pieces to add to your collection.

Fall 2015 trends include:

  • Anything velvet

  • Interior-inspired, large graphic prints (Think your grandma's couch.)

  • Neo-Victorian (Brooches are making a comeback. Again, check with grandma.)

  • Pleats

  • Loafers

  • Victorian goth (Ruffles and absinthe anyone?)

  • 1970s (Flares, flowing tops.)

  • 1980s (Shoulder pads, neon and bold prints.)

  • Boho (Yes, people. It's still around.)

  • Mega-glam sequin (Because too much sparkle is never enough.)

  • Menswear

  • Fisherman knit

  • Black and white

  • High-waisted pants (Proceed with caution.)

  • Military

  • Exagerrated sleeves

  • Colorful leopard (New take on a classic.)

  • The roll neck

  • Thick statement belts (We love the obi.)

  • Ponchos

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