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5 Summer Style Picks from My Closet

Ah, summer. Sun, salt air, poolside mojitos and some seriously cute clothes. Let's not get it twisted, fall will always be my favorite season, but living in So Cal, most of my wardrobe is really for summer. I have amassed too many items, along with some new finds, and want to find new homes. Below are some of the pieces I'm loving and leaving right now. Offers are welcome on most items. Get 'em in my Poshmark closet before I change my mind. Username: @cursinballerina.

Summer boho feather dress

Who doesn't need another fun, summer boho dress? I've styled it for summer, but you could also wear it in fall with black leggings or tights, brown boots and a faux leather jacket. Find it here:

Click on the link to view in my Poshmark closet.


Mara Hoffman maxi dress

Loving this Mara Hoffman maxi dress. Bet it would look great on you. Find it here:

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