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How to Wear Nautical in the City

Two of my fabulous Poshmark pals (Mizfabulousity and Alexislovebee) recently put out a fashion challenge for June -- style up a nautical outfit. This was a true challenge for me. Nautical is not really my thing. Don't get me wrong, I love the water, but sea sickness combined with the fact that "Buffy at the Cape" is not really my style (West Coast born and bred) made this a true style CHALLENGE. Also, I don't own many nautical-style pieces. (Uh, like maybe two.) So I thought, how would an L.A. Girl wear nautical? After scrounging through my closet, I came up with this. Red, white, blue (and an orange clutch just for fun) and totally The Cursing Ballerina's style. I'm ready for cocktails on the yacht, but only if it stays tied to the dock.

Italian red pointy pumps: Got them in Rome ages ago.

Cuffed jeans: Forever 21

White tank top: H&M

Navy and white striped jacket: Maison Jules

Faux pearl necklace: Prestige Designs

Orange sunglasses pouch: Ora Delphine

Faux pearl earrings: Majorica (from my other fab Poshmark friend Exglobetrotter).

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