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The Day I Broke Down and Bought a Bodysuit, And 7 Reasons Why

Bodysuit, flare jeans and a kimono.

I was pretty vocal on Twitter about my ambivalence about purchasing and wearing a bodysuit. Bodysuits are enjoying a Renaissance (remember the 90s?), but I am a student of ballet. I have dozens of leotards in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. I wear them several times a week in class. Isn't a leotard just a bodysuit? Why do I need to get on board with the bodysuit trend? Well, call it the lure of the Topshop fashion siren, or a simple change of heart, but I broke down and bought two. One in black and one in pink. I would like to lay out my case:

  1. Unlike leotards, it is much easier to use the bathroom. Snaps at the crotch, no disrobing required. Sorry, but I had to put it out there.

  2. They are smooth under your clothing and don't come untucked. No ass-crack worries here.

  3. They look amazing with high-waist flare jeans.

  4. They suck you in. Think Spanx as outerwear.

  5. They look amazing with high-waist midi-skirts.

  6. They are super-comfy.

  7. They look amazing with high-waist anything.

The Look:

Wrap bodysuit: Topshop

Denim: Flea Market Flare by Madewell

Platform sandals: Forever 21

Black lace fringe kimono: H&M

Bag: Patchwork hobo by Kooba

Earrings: TJ Maxx

Bodysuit, flare jeans and a patchwork hobo.

Patchwork hobo bag.

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