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I'm A PoshFest Speaker!!!!

I Am A PoshFest Speaker

So I got a call a few weeks ago from Poshmark HQ. Little old me. I thought they were just calling to survey PoshFest participants about what they think about this app's annual conference. Wrong. They were calling me to ask me to be a speaker AT this year's conference in my hometown of Los Angeles. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. It had never really entered my consciousness, but apparently, some fabulous Posher who has all faith in the Cursing Ballerina nominated me to speak and the good people at Poshmark agreed. So there you have it. I will be part of a workshop on October 1st. Here's my official PoshFest workshop description:

Sales and Marketing Magic: How to Cast Your Spell on Customers We all know that you can’t effectively make sales unless people actually know about you! And once they find you, how do you keep them coming back time and time again? This session will be led by persuasive Poshers focusing on how to create an out-of-this-world customer experience on Poshmark that will drive consistent traffic (and sales!) in your closet / boutique.

It's kind of right up my alley, considering I'm a PR maven (my other job) who enjoys helping clients tell their stories and find their brand identities. And I love clothes. And shoes. And purses.

If you don't know what PoshFest is, it's the Poshmark annual conference that brings together users of the app (mostly all women) for a weekend of fun and learning how to be kick-ass bosses. Oh and there's alcohol, and cupcakes, and usually glitter. This year it's on October 1st and 2nd at the L.A. Mart in downtown Los Angeles.

More PoshFest info can be found here:

And if you feel like doing a little shopping, my Poshmark closet is here:

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