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10 Things I've Learned From My Adult Ballet Journey

World Ballet Day pointe shoes

It's no joke. Ballet is hard. When you learn it as an adult? 10 million times harder. But for those of us brave enough (I really mean crazy enough) to take on this challenge, we have good days and bad. Days when you're soaring and days when you want to hang up the slippers. Comic relief is a necessity. In celebration of World Ballet Day, here are my 10 observations/tips about the adult ballet journey purely based on my own experience. Would love to know about your experience. Happy World Ballet Day dancers!!

  • There is nothing a cute pair of legwarmers can't fix.

  • Strong arms, shoulders down, deeper plie. Oh, and spot. (Still working on that one.)

  • If you find the perfect pair of pointe shoes on the first try, stick to them like stink on a monkey.

  • Cursing in class is frowned upon (even if you are The Cursing Ballerina), so do it mostly in your head.

  • Your feet will change. Remember those gorgeous Jimmy Choo stilettos you got several years ago? Do yourself a favor and just go ahead and throw them in the garbage.

  • Your teacher is there to help and encourage you. Squash the feeling to throw your water bottle at her/him when they tell you to do the combination for the 10th time.

  • Try to learn from that lithe, limber, 20-year-old who has been dancing since she was three, when she drops in on your class. Again, resist picking up the water bottle.

  • It's okay if you hoard every single pair of pointe shoes you've ever used. They've each taken you on a special journey. But maybe get rid of 2 or 3 before it gets completely out of control.

  • It's okay to bronze your first pair of pointe shoes. Yes, I am doing that.

  • Finally, it's just dancing and it's supposed to be fun.

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