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What's In My Ballet Bag?

Ballet bags are VERY personal. Every dancer -- hobbyist (me), professional, aspiring professional -- has the dance crap that they're attached to. For instance, I like the thickest padding ever made for my pointe shoes. I'm not trying to be a hero. Let's be real, I'm too old for that shit and I'm not into pain.

That said, what I like and use might not be what you like and use, but I thought I'd share my toolbox with you anyway. I am not a paid endorser of any of these products. They are simply the things I have found to be the most helpful to carry around as an adult ballet student. It's a lot and it weighs a ton. But if you know me it's not very different in weight to my everyday handbag. I tend to carry the world with me. Who knows when you'll need those 10 lip glosses and two magazines? This girl was once chastised for traveling with an entire suitcase of just shoes. I need choices, people.

Shoes, tape padding, warm-ups, they all make up the

  • Manna water bottle -- Keeps cold water cold and hot water hot. Though why I would need hot water is beyond me.

  • Under Armour gym bag - Lightweight and super roomy.

  • ElleBee206 (keepinitclutch) bag tassel -- The cutest bag accessory ever!

  • Therabands -- Hmm, that reminds me, need to stretch more.

  • Esos lip balm

  • Victoria's Secret lip gloss -- I'm addicted to lip gloss, what can I say?

  • Sneaker Balls deodorant ball -- Mildly effective. Just get used to your bag smelling like feet. ALL THE TIME.

  • Harmonie and Sansha legwarmers -- Also addicted.

  • CVS Spray water bottle -- For when your pointe shoes get testy.

  • Assured foot powder -- For your toe padding.

  • Hand towel -- I don't sparkle, I sweat.

  • Mirella Whisper Satin pointe shoes -- My first brand and has not let me down yet.

  • So Danca ballet slippers -- Fit my feet perfectly.

  • Shoe Pouch

  • Eurotard Pointe Comfort Toe Pads and Pouch

  • Power Bar, Luna Bar and Heart Thrive meal bars -- Added energy for in between class and pointe class.

  • Pillows for Pointe Lambs Wool Padding -- Again, I'm into minimizing pain.

  • Bunheads "The Big Tip" big toe covers -- See previous item.

  • Safety scissors

  • Adhesive tape -- Blister prevention.

  • Bandages and Gauze Pads -- Blister relief.

Ballet slippers and pointe shoes
What's in my ballet bag?

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