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You Can Adult And Wear the Pom-Pom Trend

pom pom trend

Pom-poms are everywhere. I don't mean the rah-rah cheerleading kind. I mean the colorful little balls that are showing up this season on everything from shoes to shorts. (No pom-pom Frappuccino, but I'm sure it's coming soon.) But let's face it. This trend is super fun, but can go Gymboree super quick. I love fun fashion and colorful trends (unicorns anyone?), but sometimes it gets to be a little much. If you're a little intimidated by the pom trend, here are a few of my styling tips:

  • Pick one pom-pom wardrobe item to wear at a time. Too many poms can be no bueno and make you look a little nuts. Wear just the pom sandals. Carry just the pom bag. Wear just the pom necklace. Pick one, people, and stick with it.

  • Add a little edge to avoid the pom-poms looking too sweet. Wear some black distressed jeans with your pom-edged top. Put on those fierce red stilettos with the pom bag.

  • Stick to one color for the poms. For instance, the sandals with only black pom poms. Fun and maybe sophisticated?

  • Don't invest too much. This is a very fun trend, but it most likely will not be around very long. You don't want to be stuck with a lot of expensive pom necklaces.

Now - how do you wear those poms? Post a photo on Instagram and tag me because I'd love to check it out!

Photo credit: @srfn8kd on Instagram

pom pom handbag

sweater: H&M | jeans: Express | shoes: Express | bag: @emiluna closet on Poshmark

pom pom sandals

sandals: Charlotte Russe

Pom-pom wedge sandals, lace skirt

bomber jacket: Forever 21 | sandals: Charlotte Russe | necklace: H&M | lace skirt: Cursing Ballerina collection on Poshmark

Pom-pom top and distressed jeans

top: T&J Designs | jeans: Express | sandals: Guess | sunglasses: Nora NYC

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