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Why This Yellow Necklace Goes With Everything

flat lay outfit with yellow necklace

I think I've found it - the perfect accessory. It's not a string of pearls (a classic). It's not a pair of hoop earrings (my personal signature accessory). It's this big, chunky, twisted, mustard yellow statement necklace. Simply because it goes with everything. I'm serious. Everything.

Who would've thunk it? Not me. I got this H&M necklace because I'm kind of obsessed with mustard yellow right now (but that's for another post). Plus it was on sale. And then there's the fact that I love a challenge. Throw some crazy piece of clothing my way and I'll find a way to style it.

But here's how I really discovered that this necklace has magical styling powers:

As you know, I write this blog (obvi). I also showcase my outfits on Instagram and sell clothes online through the Poshmark app. But I'm not the professional blogger girl who has a professional photog following her every move. I have a full-time PR business that doesn't involve fashion. Most days I'm sitting behind a computer in yoga pants telling clients what to say. Not super glamorous. I'm a small style blogger in a big city just trying to make it. Can I get an "amen"?!

Anyways, as part of my creative process I go out on weekends and shoot a ton of photos in different outfits -- inspo, stuff I'm selling etc... I like to call it the "guerrilla photo shoot." I pack the car full of clothes, drag my hubby out of bed at dawn, and off we go. So when planning my styling, I have to streamline and make it as easy and fast as possible to get the shot. (I'm changing in the back seat of my car, for God's sake. I don't want to hang out.) Again, no stylist, no assistant. Just me. So the fewer accessories, the better.

On a recent shoot I took this mustard-colored necklace along with several outfits. I put it with my athleisure outfit. It worked. I threw it on with my grey floral shift dress. Perfect. With the pink floral bell-sleeved top? Amazing! I soon discovered that this necklace served as a neutral. I kept waiting for it not to go. But it didn't. It kept fighting for it's style rights. (Tenacious little accessory.) It was the Muhammed Ali of jewelry - a knockout every single time.

So here's my challenge to you: dig up that one bold piece in your wardrobe, or seek one out. Try it with a ton of different outfits. I bet it goes. You'll get more bang for your buck, you'll streamline the vacay packing and you'll definitely be ready for that guerrilla photo shoot.

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