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I'm a Poshmark Closet Consultant!

This L.A. girl is going to the Windy City!

Last year I got to talk about online business marketing and branding to hundreds of amazing women entrepreneurs. This year I am so honored I was asked to be a "Closet Consultant" at PoshFest in Chicago this September! I'll be serving up style advice for your online closet businesses and answering your burning questions about how to help your business succeed!

But what is PoshFest?

PoshFest is the Poshmark's annual two-day fashion conference for anyone interested in getting inspired, connecting with fellow business savvy style mavens, and learning how to grow a business and be your own boss straight from the pros themselves. The conference brings together hundreds of people from across the country to network with one another, listen to industry experts and learn how to showcase and sell their style! At the event, attendees will hear Poshmark success stories, gain insider tips, meet their PFF’s (Posh Friends Forever) and SO much more!

So that's the official company line.

But what does PoshFest mean to me and the hundreds of stylish women who attend? This will be my fourth PoshFest. Ah, I remember my first one well. I had just joined the app and I new NO ONE. But I walked into the conference and BAM! a bunch of fab women welcomed me with open arms.

Now I have almost 350,000 Poshmark followers! Some of the women I met at my first PoshFest have become my best friends. We have bonded over business, life and fashion. We have supported each other through illness, financial struggles, engagement, marriage, babies and divorce. But our bond all comes back to our love of fashion, women empowerment, sisterhood, business and entrepreneurship. Oh, and cocktails.

Basically, PoshFest is a great place to grow as a person, learn how to build your own biz online and party with an amazing bunch of women (and a few men).

Want to join in on the fun? Check out the official PoshFest site at

Want cute clothes? Find my Cursing Ballerina Poshmark closet at

Want to see more of my style? Follow me on Instagram @cursingballerina

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