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Mixing Prints and Patterns the Subtle Way


As I've gotten older, I still like to experiment, but not get too crazy. I don't feel the need anymore to mix purple stripes with an orange and red plaid skirt. Actually, that was never really my vibe, but whatever.

Mixing patterns and prints can be really intimidating, but if you take a subtle approach to it, you might find that you can have fun with what's already in your closet. Here I mixed a Forever 21 jacket with an H&M blouse, paired with some grey skinny jeans from Express and a pop-of- color red pumps from Target. The blouse and jacket have different patterns and textures, but they're in the same color family, so it works.

I also mixed a black brocade pant I've had for ages from Express with an animal print pump from White House Black Market. Super subtle, but chic. Overall, look for small patterns in like color families, keep it simple and stay classy, people.

Gold cuff available in my Poshmark closet.

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