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How to Style Athleisure From Day to Night

Athleisure style

Let's face it, we're busy people. Sometimes Saturdays can be a haze of errands, shuttling kids and meeting up with friends and family. By Saturday night you need a stiff drink. And you want to be comfortable. Always comfy. I guess that's why the whole athleisure thing is so big right now. But there's a fine line between workout wear and street wear. When I workout at the gym or in ballet class, I usually am a sweaty mess and I don't really care. I love the cute legwarmers, but in the end, I want everything I wear to be functional -- supportive, ease of movement and dry.

On this particular day I went to lunch and shopping with friends and then out with the husband at night. I didn't feel like changing. To make it go from day to night, I switched the shoes for tall platform boots, and swapped by big handbag for a cute clutch. I also added a faux leather jacket. Still comfy, but ready for that cocktail.

Athleisure day to night

Dress/Top: Express One Eleven

Leggings: Express

Ballet Slipper Necklace: Tiffany

Sunglasses: Kate Spade

Sneakers: Puma

Boots: Steve Madden

Clutch: LAMB

Yellow Handbag: Jessica Simpson

Athleisure style

A cute clutch

Faux leather jacket

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