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My New Fashion Obsession: This Vintage Denim Jumpsuit

vintage denim jumpsuit

Vintage denim jumpsuit: Glam Factory Vintage

Platform sandals: Forever 21

Straw fedora: Panama Jack

Let's just say I've been looking for a vintage denim jumpsuit for awhile. It's not something I've been totally obsessed with, but I have been keeping my eyes open for the right one. And then I walked into Glam Factory Vintage (one of the best vintage stores ever) on a recent trip to Las Vegas. The owner said she had just sourced some jumpsuits and I said lead me to them. Like now. And then there it was. From the 1970s. From Sears. Zips up the front. Flare legs. Great waist detail. As I was putting it on in the dressing room I was praying to the clothes gods to let it fit. And it did. Perfectly. I bought a bunch of other great pieces, but this one is my favorite and I will wear the crap out of it.

Photos by @srfn8kd on Instagram

vintage denim jumpsuit
1970s denim jumpsuit
great details on this jumpsuit

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