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Seeing Stars ....

styling a maxi/romper

What says L.A. more than stars? The city is filled with them -- they're in the hills, they're on the beach, they're in the sky and they're on the sidewalk. The city is full of legit celebrities and people who come here chasing fame; putting it all out there for that big break, having their souls crushed, and occasionally making it. Few survive, but you can't fault a girl for trying.

I curated this maxi/romper because it reminds me of my hometown -- over-the-top, bold, free, shiny, disco and rock-and-roll. To me, it's L.A. in an a piece of cloth. And it's fun as hell.

Find this romper/maxi in my Cursing Ballerina Poshmark closet and feel like a superstar.

All photos: Kayte Demont of

Outfit details:

Sunglasses: Vintage 1980s (they were my mom's)

Platform sandals and earrings: Call It Spring

Raven ring: Vintage from Supergoodie in L.A.

a fabulous star maxi/romper

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